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ArtPhotoCollection is an international photo gallery located in the centre of Göteborg, Sweden. In the gallery you will find sophisticated photographic art for private and public spaces. The carefully selected images are taken by eminent, professional photographers from all over the world.
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In short, ArtPhotoCollection runs two main activities; the web gallery and the FineArtCollection.

Web gallery

In the web gallery you will find sophisticated and attractive images especially destined for your interior design projects. The unsigned images are printed in a limited edition on various materials (from traditionally framed images printed as fine art on acid free cotton paper to images printed on diamond glass and plexiglass) and in different sizes to suit your specific needs. In case you do not find suitable images in the web gallery, we can also assist you by hand-picking images from our network of established photographers. 
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The FineArtCollection offers signed and numbered fine art pigment prints for the true art connoisseur. In the gallery we exhibit images, by Swedish as well as international well-known photographers, on a regular basis. We also offer portfolios with signed and numbered editions of photographs. 
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Please do not hesitate to contact us to receive our newsletters or exhibition invitations.

Photo: Herminia Dosal, Mexico 






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