When AstraZeneca's new facility in Mölndal was to be embellished with art, ArtPhotoCollection was contacted by Wingårdh, an architectural company in Gothenburg.

Together we discussed the appropriate imagery and materials. Some pictures would be hung in the biological testing departments where it was essential that the images could withstand cleaning. Other pictures were intended for staircases, where you had to take into account the strong natural light from surrounding windows which created issues regarding reflections, archival durability, etc.

For the staircases, black and white architectural photos by the Mexican Francisco Gomes were chosen, printed on canvas, along with colorful collages applied to diamond glass of birds' wings and fish scales, taken by Håkan Berg.

In the lunchroom, panoramic pictures on canvas, by photographer Peter Muller of the Netherlands, were chosen.

At the end of the long bare corridors, Tore Hagman's square images from the natural world would serve as huge summer windows.



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