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In the beginning of 2000, Bertin turned his focus towards nature photography and completed a number of impressive landscape photographs. These were mainly inspired by Edward Weston (1886-1958) and his son Brett Weston (1911-1993), both members of the famous f-64 group that also included photographers such as Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham. Just like the landscapes, the selenium-toned "Atlantic Plants" portfolio, taken in Portugal and exhibited in Paris 2004, shows strong links with "classic" photography that constantly influences Frederick’s photographic work. He actually dedicated his "Atlantic Plants" portfolio to the late Brett Weston. Frederick Edwin Bertin is a master of black & white photography and each of his photographs is a unique artwork. He adores the square format and rarely crops his images most of which are taken with his Hasselblad camera on film, developed in the darkroom and copied as exclusive silvergelatin prints.

In 2005, Frederick Edwin Bertin received the prestigious Hasselblad Master Award.


1993-1994 Member of the A.A.A. Cambridge University. Anthropologie Association.
1994 Morphology courses with Maître Debord - Les Beaux Arts - Paris.
1983-1984 Assistant & secretary of Maurice Reynaud (french painter & photographer) - Milano.
1982-1983 Apprenticeship with Jérôme Ducrot - advertising and fashion photography - Paris.
1979 Assistant of Pierre Gasman - Paris
1969-1977 A levels in French literature and European History. College Stanislas - Paris.


2009-present North American Habitat. American History throw his different architectural styles.
2008-2012 Mature Women - Portraiture & Nude - Paris - London - Berlin - USA.
2005 A choregrapher in Berlin - August 2005 - Berlin.
2001-2003 Atlantic Plants - Sintra - Portugal.
1998-2001 Ingmar Bergman and his Team (Theatre & Cinema) - Dramaten - Stockholm.
1998 Les Bénédictines du Monastère de la Vigne - Le Béguinage - Brugge - Belgium.
1997 The Lake District - 7 Paladium/Platinum prints from 5' x 7' b & w negs. - England.
1996-1997 Alfama - a photographic study of Lisbon's quarter - Portugal.
1993-1995 Forever Cambridge - An every day life study in Cambridge famous Colleges.
1984-1989 Work regularly for Condé-Nast Paris as portrait photographer.
(Vogue, Vogue Hommes, Vogue Décoration)
1984-1988 Portraits of English High Society - England.
1982-1982 L' Equipage - The Tag boat "Amalie" and his crew - Hamburg - West Germany.


Jan-May 2011 9 portraits from the work on Bergman exhibited at the Deutsche Kinemathek
among the Exhibition "Bergman Truth and Lies" - Berlin.
2009 Donation to the Victor Hasselblad Foundation - Götheborg.
- the "Atlantic Plants" 12 black & white 50 x 60 prints
- the "Lake District" a collection of7 Platinum/Palladium 60 x 80 prints ed. 1/3.
XI '06 - I '07 "A Women from Berlin" exhibited at the Gallery ICONOCLASTES - Paris
5 one meter x one meter prints.
XII 2004 The "Atlantic Plants" collection received a World Master Award 2005 Götheborg.
VI 2004 The Swedish Cultural Center (CCS) in Paris aquire a 1m x 1m print of Bergman.
VI 2004 15 prints from the "Atlantic Plants" collection exhibited à L' Etoile - Paris.
I - III 2004 17 prints from the "Atlantic Plants" collection
exhibited Gallery Armelle Toublanc - Paris.
XII '97 - III '98 21 prints from the "Forever Cambridge" collection
exhibited Gallerie Demi-Teinte - Paris.
IV '97 Vogue Paris publish 12 photographs from the "Forever Cambrigde" collection
under the title "Le Jardin des Paradoxes". Vogue Paris #997.
I '95 Christies Kings Street exhibit 12 prints from the "Forever Cambrige" collection.

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