Dibond Board

Dibond board is a perfect alternative to canvas when you want a large image without a frame.

The image is printed onto photo paper with pigmented ink  and then mounted onto a 3 mm dibond plate (three layers of plastic and aluminium sandwiched together).

The surface is protected by a film, a so-called anti-graffiti laminate that has a feeling of silk that provides good vibrance in the colours without producing reflections or being perceived as glossy.

The mount weighs very little and can be hung on most walls without reinforcement or special screws. On the back of the mount is a 20 mm spacer that is fitted onto another spacer on the wall.

For a so called metallic-effect, the image can be printed directly onto the dibond board. Best results are obtained by using a black and white image picture containing many highlights (light areas). When printing directly onto the plate we may need the photographer's permission, as the metallic effect to some extent alters the artistic expression of the image.



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