Framed images

Framed images with mats, glass and frame - classic and timeless!

Our images are normally printed with pigmented archival inks on acid-free watercolour paper of very high quality with an archival permanence of 70-100 years.

For projects with a lower budget, we can also offer an inexpensive solution known as the hotel solution.

We use thick, bevelled and slightly tinted acid-free mats as well as several high quality frames to choose from. For black and white images we recommend our standard frame, a dark coffee brown wooden frame. Our framed photos can be ordered in the following standard sizes (but also in other formats too):

a) Small collection: Image dimensions: 290x290 mm, glass dimensions: 500x500 mm.

b) Medium Collection: Image dimensions: 430x430mm, glass dimensions: 630x630 mm.

c) Large collection: Image dimensions: 570x570mm, glass dimensions: 840x840 mm

d) Maxi Collection: Image dimensions: 800x800 mm, glass dimensions 1040x1040 mm glass.

Additional sizes can be supplied on request.




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