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All the faces of Bergman
The French photographer Frederick Edwin Bertin, born 1960 in Paris, offers via the ArtPhotoCollection gallery in Gothenburg his portfolio All the faces of Bergman – Portrait series from the Royal Dramatic Theatre 1998 - 2001.  This unique portrait series of 25 photographs, includes the portrait of the world's most welknown film-maker ever, along with his ensemble, the absolute peak of the Swedish acting elite. The photographs have attracted much attention both in and outside Sweden. A few years ago at Bukowski's, a portrait of  Sven Nyqvist, the famous film photographer, was sold as part of a complete collection of his assets. The starting price for the portrait was SEK 6000: - but the final price ended up at SEK 52 000: -. Among the collectors are The Deutschen Kinemathek - Museum for Film and Television in Berlin. Read more in the column to the left.

Impressive photographs of the Swedish east and westcoast 

ArtPhotoCollection constantly exhibits works of international professional art photographers. From March 22, 2014, the gallery exhibits photographs of the Swedish photographer Peter Eriksson. His series This is the sea, includes impressive landscape photographs from the Swedish west and east coasts in black & white. The exhibition will run until the 7th of May.

In the photo gallery you will find signed and numbered Fine Art Pigment Prints, framed or presented as portfolios. The photographs are taken by extremely skilled and carefully selected Swedish and international photographers. 
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The ArtPhotoCollection gallery is situated in the centre of Göteborg, just a few minutes walk from the Göteborg Art Museum and Hasselblad Centre.
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Photo: Frederick Edwin Bertin, France

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