Radisson SAS Scandivia Hotel, Göteborg

In 2005, ArtPhotoCollection was assigned to ornate large parts of the Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel in Gothenburg with photography. Below, is the press release distributed by the hotel;

Passion, nature, instant sensation and feeling 

Art works by ten of the world's top photographers are permanently displayed at the Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel in Gothenburg.

Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel, which has recently undergone an extensive renovation of rooms and suites, has started a cooperation with ArtPhotoCollection where ten of the world's top photographers' works represent the artistic framing of the rooms. The common denominator is that all the images have been taken with a Hasselblad camera.

In all rooms and suites you will find at least one photographic work, printed on a variety of materials from fabric and acid-free watercolour paper to glass. The subjects reflect dance, passion, nature and people, and convey moments that affect and arouse emotion, providing a true pleasure to the eye.

The photographers whose work is now permanently displayed at the Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel in Gothenburg are:

• Frédérick Bertin, France, Hasselblad Master, September 2005
• Tore Hagman, Sweden, Hasselblad Master, December 2003
• Carlos Casariego, Spain, Hasselblad Master, July 2003
• Mario Cravo Neto, Brazil, Hasselblad Master, May 2001
• Isabel Muños, Spain, Hasselblad Master, March 2001
• Jan Grahn, Sweden
• His Nohlberg, Sweden
• Chia-Nohlberg Löfqvist, Sweden
• Frank Jackson, U.S.
• Herminia Dosal, Mexico
• Peter Muller, Holland

In the Chili Rooms you will find the black and white works by Isabel Muños, reflecting sensual flamenco, tango and oriental dance and well complementing the bold interior design.

Jan Grahn is behind the imagery chosen for the Ocean Rooms, where his 'Blue Stone' is applied on glass to enhance the feeling of cool water and gentle waves.

The crowning glory is the Royal Suite, which with its 210 sqm showcaes 15 works by Frederick Bertin, Tore Hagman, Mario Cravo Neto, Peter Muller, Herminia Dosal and Frank Jackson.

Other photographers' works can be found in the hotel's 36 suites, decorated in two styles, Red and Blonde.




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